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A unique music school in Fort Worth, TX, North Fort Worth Music Academy provides multiple opportunities for musicians of all ages to advance their musical skills. We provide instruction in piano, guitar, violin, voice, and musical theater, as well as classes for a variety of other instruments and all skill levels. Our guitar instructor is a classical guitarist with years of experience teaching guitar lessons. At North Fort Worth Music Academy, we offer guitar lessons for both acoustic and electric guitars.

To meet the unique needs of each of our music students, we provide both private music lessons and group lessons in our state-of-the-art Fort Worth, Texas studio. Guitar students get numerous opportunities to perform throughout the year at our studio’s on-site performance hall. To find out more or to book your first guitar lesson, contact our studio and get started learning to play guitar now!

Types of Guitar Lessons We Teach

Our state-of-the-art facility in Fort Worth, Texas offers guitar instruction in distraction-free, soundproof settings that are favorable to learning. Our classically trained guitar instructors incorporate music theory instruction into all of our music sessions because it is such an important part of mastering the guitar. Music education is the basis of guitar instruction. For both beginning and advanced students, our teaching strategy is inspiring, encouraging, and challenging. Call us right away to set up your free trial class with one of our music instructors and learn more about what we have to offer at North Fort Worth Music Academy.

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Why Choose North Fort Worth Music Academy for Guitar Lessons?

We are aware that you have a number of choices when picking where to take music lessons. Our qualified instructors, state-of-the-art facility, and the opportunities that our collaborations with musical organizations provide for our students are what set our studio apart from the competition.

Experienced Teachers

The most important consideration for prospective students when selecting a guitar teacher is typically the instructor’s level of experience. Our music instructors provide top-notch music instruction and are also accomplished musicians with years of teaching experience. Our guitar instructor has been classically trained and has years of experience teaching guitar lessons. Whether you are wanting to take private lessons or group guitar classes, we can guarantee you will not find a more fun and experienced teacher that loves to teach students as much as they love playing guitar. When you take lessons at North Fort Worth Music Academy, you will learn from a guitar teacher and not just a performer.

All of our instructors love music, have a passion for teaching students, and have undergone thorough background checks. If you’re looking for a top-notch guitar instructor in Fort Worth, Texas, who makes learning fun, give North Fort Worth Music Academy a call to set up your free trial lesson.

State of the Art Studio

Private, soundproof music instruction rooms, a live performance space right on site, practice spaces, and more are all available at our studio in Fort Worth TX. With students in mind, our studio was designed and built specifically for North Fort Worth Music Academy.  Our studio also has security features like cameras in every lesson room, windows in each music room, and a locked door with a keypad for student entry.

The performance area in our studio also reduces the typical costs associated with recitals and increases the opportunity for our students to perform in front of an audience.

Performance Opportunities

With multiple opportunities to perform at our on-site performance hall, our students are given the invaluable experience of playing guitar for others. This increases not only their musical performance skills but also their confidence levels at no additional cost.

Our students can participate in guitar playing competitions and other public performances because of the affiliations our music instructors have with various national music organizations. Although they are not required, these chances give students a tremendous chance to challenge themselves and improve their musical skills. Participating in these activities can be beneficial for students of all skill levels.

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introductory guitar lesson!

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More about North Fort Worth Guitar Lessons

How long does it usually take to learn guitar?

The length of time it takes to learn the guitar depends on how much and how long you practice. It will take about one to two months to successfully play basic guitar songs for someone who practices for thirty minutes a day, three to five days a week, with medium intensity, and about three to six months to play intermediate and somewhat more advanced songs with technical components.

Is guitar really hard to learn?

Learning to play the guitar is challenging at first, but it gets easier the more you practice. The more you practice, the easier it will become. This is the reason why the majority of guitarists who give up do so right away. Initial guitar instruction is challenging. Thus, they believe themselves to be incapable of learning to play the guitar. However, if they had continued to practice, they would have passed this challenging step and learned to play with more ease.
Remember that learning guitar is only challenging initially. It becomes simpler the more you practice and persist with it, especially with a great teacher. Commit to going past the challenging phase in the beginning if you want to learn how to play the guitar. You’ll find that it gets simpler after the first six months of practice if you don’t give up.

How many guitar lessons should I take?

Before they can begin to establish their own style of playing, unique sound, and creative expression, the majority of beginners who start taking guitar lessons need about four to five months of lessons covering topical material.

Although there are many variable factors that can affect this, the typical course of weekly guitar instruction looks like this:

The first four to five months are particularly crucial since your teacher (or teachers) will be assisting you in establishing new skills and foundational knowledge about topics like chords, scales, and music theory. This means that it takes about 20 guitar lessons before you can sort of “strike off on your own” as an independent guitarist if your expectations are limited to just understanding the structural fundamentals.

Which guitar is best for beginners?

Due to their relative affordability and ease to play, classical guitars are excellent for beginners, especially younger musicians. They work better for fingerpicking than chord strumming. The drawback is that they lack the steel-string guitar’s brightness and volume.

Acoustic steel string guitars are similar to classical guitars except they are strung with steel strings instead of nylon ones. The steel strings produce a considerably brighter, louder tone, and the additional strain makes for a much stronger guitar. These sound considerably better while strumming chords than a classical guitar, which is why beginners over a certain age prefer them. However, inexperienced fingers may cut themselves on the steel strings.

Younger musicians shouldn’t use steel-string guitars since the sharper strings may discourage them from practicing. They might be better off using a classical guitar until they have developed some callus and strength.

Electric guitars are suitable for most ages and heights because they are a little smaller than acoustic and classical guitars. They’re fantastic for being creative and having fun.

Does playing the guitar hurt your fingers?

No pain, no gain is an old saying that we’ve all heard, but don’t worry—fingertip sensitivity when learning to play the guitar is just temporary, and we have some techniques to help you get by while it lasts. More guitar practice is actually the best course of action. Consistent practice allows your fingertips to develop toughness and calluses. So although it sounds crazy, keep practicing to help get rid of sore fingers faster.

Because they are gentler on the fingers than steel-string guitars, some beginning players prefer classical guitars with nylon strings. Since electric guitar strings are thinner than those on acoustic steel-string guitars, fretting notes on an electric is a little simpler. However, lighter strings can be used with any sort of guitar. You can have your guitar re-strung with softer strings at your nearby music store if the pain is significantly interfering with your ability to play.

Keep practicing and persevering, and eventually, you’ll be so preoccupied with perfecting songs that you won’t even recall your fingers hurting in the first place!

Should I learn piano or guitar first?

The piano is a great instrument for kids or those with little to no prior experience to learn. It provides more immediate enjoyment during the initial music lessons, breaks up the music theory, and nevertheless establishes a foundation for future instrument study, including guitar.

The choice between piano and guitar lessons comes down to personal preference. Do you desire immediate gratification while playing the piano with all of your keys in front of you spread out like a musical road map? Or are you prepared to put forth a little more effort to quickly memorize the fretboard so you can shred on an electric guitar? Both the piano and the guitar are equally adept at imparting the principles of music that other instruments, such as the drums or vocal, lack. They are both fantastic instruments for beginners that provide various routes to achieving the same objective—enjoying playing music and possibly even turning into a professional musician someday.

North Fort Worth Music Academy is one of the top music schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and we would love to connect you with our experienced instructors and be a part of your music education journey. If you’d like to begin taking lessons for guitar or any other instrument, give us a call to schedule your free trial lesson.